Otis Murphy


Murphy’s playing is bright, alert, and at times aggressively loud, but always with a polish and sensitivity that make the most of the music. 
Chicago Tribune 


Murphy played with the sweetest tone imaginable in the opening perpetual-motion movement, and then practically blew the roof off in the concluding rumba. 
Indianapolis Star


Otis Murphy, whose playing personifies the work’s richness of musical conversation and conversion, it seemed the evening had simply exploded beyond belief.


Soloist Otis Murphy was a highly skilled player, with technical flourishes and mellow melodic tones that provided a joyful listening experience. . . .  As an encore, Murphy and the FSO played an arrangement of "What a Wonderful World." His lyrical and jazzy sound in this piece was a real highlight of the evening.
Flint Journal 


American saxophone player Otis Murphy was introduced as the “eighth wonder of the world,” and his recital had all the right ingredients to keep his audience spellbound.
The Western Australian Today (Australia)


Mr. Murphy is obsessed with sound; and his obsession does not stop at having simply a pretty tone, but he pursues sadness, joyfulness, and even occasional harshness, always creating the sound based on the musical expression.
The Sax (Japan)


What a smooth and creamy sound he makes!
Brass Tribe (Japan) 


(Murphy) played his program with the calm assurance of those who know themselves to be the best.  His command…was of the utmost beauty. 
Vers L’Aveniri (Belgium) 


Murphy drew not only sultry beauty from the instrument but showcase urgency.  His playing was marked by clarity of enunciation (and) a clean precision of technique.  Herald Times


So much music, so much life poured from the mouth of his horn.  The ears told the mind what the eyes could not believe.  Alone, he commanded the strength of a five hundred-piece orchestra. . . . The crowd found that the only way to express the emotional overflow Mr. Murphy had conjured up was to clap and plead for more.
Fresno City College Rampage 


Otis Murphy is certainly a hallmark of all the artistry and craftsmanship involved in saxophone performance.  He has a bright and rich sound that at times is pure emotion singing from the artist’s very essence.  His technique is amazing and equally coordinated.  Notes fly to the ears effortlessly and allow the listener to become totally involved in the aesthetics of the performance.  His use of vibrato is the pinnacle of taste as it varies in depth and intensity to suit the absolute needs of the music.  The artist is very capable of extremely tender and sensitive playing and can easily switch gears to be as aggressive as the dictates of the composition. 
Saxophone Journal


This CD promised a Fantasy and it has delivered 110% on that promise.  The duo of Murphy and Murphy, simply put, establishes new hallmarks for those yet to arrive and a higher target for all others to strive for.  Otis and Haruko Murphy have made the music on this Fantasy CD come alive and have created fantasies that are as real as music.  The performance is so compelling that the listener will soar with the music making it real, and not just a fantasy. 
Paul Wagner, Saxophone Journal 


Otis Murphy’s tone is superb, warm, supple, and intense.  His technique is precise and rapid.  He has the ability to phrase the music so that it takes on a life of its own, making the music weave into musical stories that enliven the listener’s imagination.”  Paul Wagner, Saxophone Journal 


Otis Murphy is an exceptional artist, possessing an extraordinary musical sense combined with a stunning technique.  Additionally, he has a personality appreciated by everyone.
Jean-Yves Fourmeau, International Saxophone Soloist (France)


From the first time I heard Otis Murphy perform, I was fascinated by his level of performance.  His superior technique, extremely sophisticated musicality, and rich sensitivity will remain vivid in my memory.
Yoshiyuki Hattori, International Saxophonist Soloist (Japan) 


You are one of the finest saxophonists that have come along in a long time and I love your playing.  You have a brilliant career ahead of you!!!  Keep doing exactly what you have been . . . it is outstanding. . . . Again, I truly mean you are a wonderful player and I am so happy to see someone like yourself come along in the saxophone world.  Dale Underwood, Saxophone Soloist with the United States Navy Band


Your performance . . . was beautiful, with a quite magical sound.
Richard Ingham, Clarinet and Saxophone Society of Great Britain 


To say they were blown away would be an understatement.  The band and the audience were astounded by your musicianship. . . .  It was memorable and certainly a solo performance that will be remembered for a long time to come.
Ray Cramer, Emeritus Director of Bands, Indiana University


Your performance was stunning, and your recital was wonderful and inspiring to musicians and non-musicians alike.
Ralph M. Gambone, Captain, U. S. Navy Band


His degree of artistry left the entire convention amazed and who will ever forget the beautiful sound and pitch of his incredible altissimo register?
Alfred Watkins, Director of Bands, Lassiter High School, Georgia


Your performance of the Sonata is first rate, a superb technical and musical accomplishment. . . .  It was a joy to listen knowing that I could trust what you were doing!  I am especially drawn to the second movement which is really hard to pull off.  Your rendition gave me chills and tears. 
David Maslanka, Composer


I listened carefully to your CD. It is simply remarkable.
It's an honor to be played by you. Sincerely thank you . . . Bravo.
André Wagnein, Composer


A beautiful CD, my warmest congratulations and also thanks for your inclusion of my Suite Rhapsodica, performed with wonderful perfection, virtuosity, and sound!
Jindřich Feld, Composer


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